Cerebral Palsy affects the entire family. We've got your back.

Andiamo is a personalized care team helping you through your family's Cerebral Palsy life. Together we can make informed choices at the right time.

Cerebral Palsy is complicated. Let's make things simple.

Andiamo makes things easier from day one. We’ll explain what’s happening, keep everything organized, get you what you need, and most importantly listen.


Your Dedicated Family Coach

Lean on a partner and ally who knows you—and the system.


Get Clear Answers

Know what to expect with your Andiamo treatments, medication, and symptoms.


Be Seen and Heard

We can help you ask questions and speak up for what you need.


Free Up Your Time

Using Andiamo Technology means not as many in clinic appointments


Start Together, Stay Together

Andiamo's therapists and coaches are committed to you for the long run


Cost: $0

There’s no added cost for members in participating plans.

Here's What Happens when you become an Andiamo Family Member


Meet Your Personalized Team

Get Seen Quickly

Stay Close Along the Way


Wherever you’re at, there’s a lot we can do.

  • Finding the best health plan
  • Finding a CP specialist 
  • Getting a CP Diagnosis
  • Getting a Second Opinion
  • Talking through a Diagnosis
  • Education & Resources
  • Answering Questions
  • Setting Goals
  • Planning Treatments
  • Appointments Logistics

I don't feel disabled anymore

Jack Gower

and his mum Ella


Our Family Success Stories

Rachel’s Story – It has made a big difference to my life

Rachel’s Story – It has made a big difference to my life

With Cerebral Palsy affecting the left side of her body, Rachel has been wearing braces since the ag...

Harry’s Story – He never moans about wearing them

Harry’s Story – He never moans about wearing them

After years of getting poorly fitted braces, Harry’s mum was losing hope of ever finding braces that...

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Andiamo is available at no added cost for members of participating health plans or we can provide a reimbursable super bill for any treatments. If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy complete the below form to see if Andiamo is available to you: