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Every hour a baby is born with cerebral palsy in the US.

What is a Digital Clinic?

An Andiamo Digital Clinic package includes:

  • A Remote Family Coach
  • A Remote Pediatric Rehab Doctor
  • A Remote Pediatric Physical Therapist
  • A Family Dashboard 
  • The Most advanced Brace technology

We are a CP Family too

Cerebral palsy is a condition the founders understand intimately following their experiences with their son Diamo, and through building the Andiamo Technology over 8 years.

Our mission is to improve the experience of families living with Cerebral Palsy and ensuring our technology and our treatments are as accessible and affordable to as many families as possible.

We have delivered successful treatments to almost 1000 families in 4 countries.

Imagine A Different Brace Experience

Imagine attending one assessment appointment with a casting session that takes less than 10 minutes and actually calms your child. Imagine the brace being fitted in your home in less than 10 minutes because no modifications are needed. Imagine what could be achieved using AI, 3D Simulation and 3D printing. An Andiamo First Time Precision Fit leads to improved stability, improved confidence, a longer stride length leading to more activity.

What does Families First mean?

To us a family living with Cerebral Palsy includes the parents, the siblings, the grandparents and the child. CP affects everybody in the family unit which is why we're building a team of family coaches expert in Cerebral Palsy, expert in health insurance, expert in scheduling, expert in listening. 

Our Family Success Stories

Rachel’s Story – It has made a big difference to my life

Rachel’s Story – It has made a big difference to my life

With Cerebral Palsy affecting the left side of her body, Rachel has been wearing braces since the ag...

Harry’s Story – He never moans about wearing them

Harry’s Story – He never moans about wearing them

After years of getting poorly fitted braces, Harry’s mum was losing hope of ever finding braces that...

Why our families love Andiamo

We use the latest digital technology, the latest evidence for cerebral palsy rehabilitation care and a team of people dedicated to reimagining cerebral palsy experiences for millions of families

I don't feel disabled anymore

Jack Gower

and his mum Ella


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