Better care for families. Lower costs for health plans.

Andiamo is a patient and provider-integrated solution for families living with Cerebral Palsy, bridging in-person therapy treatments and digital care by pairing human guidance with software and analytics to facilitate whole-person care for health plan’s members.


What's different about Andiamo?

We operate as an extension of a family’s clinical team; we provide dedicated support that integrates within your existing infrastructure and provider network, simplifying the transition to value-based cerebral palsy care models.

Here’s what more coordinated care could look like in your CP population:

12% of U.S. adults have the skills needed to navigate the healthcare system. When faced with a CP diagnosis, parents are overwhelmed and confused by the many important medical decisions they must make. This leads to uninformed decisions that result in higher costs and poor outcomes.

Reduced Unwanted Care

Utilization of High-Value Providers

Avoided ED Visits & Hospitalizations


Andiamo gives health plans the tools they need to deliver higher-value care and a better member experience.


Reduced Barriers to Care

We reduce barriers to care by connecting families with needed resources such as transportation, housing, behavioral health support, grants, and more.


Proactive Management

By identifying and monitoring progress of members, we can quickly optimise treatment plans and ensure caregivers and providers are informed.


Dedicated Family Support

We match each member with their own Family Coach and therapist to provide 24/7 support throughout their treatment journey and intervene when needed.


Timely Access to Care

We help families navigate the healthcare system, offer fast access to appointments with the Andiamo clinical team, and act as an extension of their care team.


Advance Treatment Planning

By discussing and coordinating treatment plans and treatment options with your members, we help ensure their care aligns with their goals.


Access to High-Value Care

We ensure members receive appropriate care in the highest-value setting, resulting in cost-savings for plans and members.

We’re excited to hear from you.

Interested in learning more about Andiamo? Don’t hesitate to send us an email. Our team will be in touch to learn more about your needs and discuss how we can work together to improve outcomes for your members living with cerebral palsy.