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Meet the 14 companies launching out of the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator

Today, 14 new companies launched out of the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator in New York City.

The companies span a handful of different sectors including healthcare, fintech, enterprise and consumer-facing products. Thus far, nearly 250 startups have graduated out of the accelerator, collectively having raised more than $1 billion in capital.

So without any further ado, here are the startups graduating out of the summer 2021 ERA class. 

Andiamo uses machine learning, 3D simulation and 3D printing to create custom braces for children with cerebral palsy, bringing down the cost and improving outcomes for clinicians, patients and families alike. 

Cirkled In, a platform that lets young people create a portfolio of all of their achievements, has already acquired more than 500,000 students to the platform organically. The product lets students build out a profile that incorporates academic and extra curricular achievements in one place to apply for colleges, internships and more.

Flow is looking to take on Classpass and other subscription-based experience platforms with an a la carte model. Users can find coworking spaces, gyms, spas and other experiences on the platform and only pay for what they want. The service has thus far signed on with 50 locations in London.

Frontrunner combines sports betting with the flexibility of the stock market. Users can place sports bets, and then have the flexibility to trade them, with a complete look at their ‘holdings’ to better understand their financial outlook and dynamically trade positions throughout the lifetime of a single sports event.

Idenati is a productivity platform that gives users the ability to manage their tasks across a variety of websites from a single portal. Users can log in to their email, check their calendar, manage finances and browse on Amazon all from the Idenati portal. So far, the API-powered platform has attracted 15K active users.

Lever, still in beta, wants to help users better hit their rewards goals by automatically choosing the best credit card in their wallet based on those goals.

MedAux is a startup focused on outpatient care. We’ve all been in a situation where we felt we had to take exhaustive notes during our time with the doctor in order to follow each of their instructions. MedAux integrates with the hospital EMR and texts outpatient follow-ups and instructions in multiple languages via text message.

MedCompli is looking to help small biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies manage compliance, risk and governance. Instead of hiring out a huge risk and governance team to deal with FDA approval, etc., MedCompli wants to do some of the heavy lifting for these companies until they’re ready to build out their own. departments.

Starting with runners, Netic is a telehealth platform for physical therapy. The product is chat-based, and allows patients and PTs to share treatment plans, progress metrics and videos for machine learning-powered gait analysis.

 NILE is a real estate platform that streamlines the process down to as little as three days. The platform uses machine learning and automation to help sellers get the highest price for their property and sort through offers to find the best buyer.

SquadOV joins the ever-growing video game space to focus on team improvement for team-oriented video games. While most gaming training platforms focus on individual skill, SquadOV captures and synchronizes video across multiple teammates to let them watch back and improve team performance as a whole. So far, the platform has 20,000 registered users, 3,000 MAUs and more than 100,000 videos are recorded every week.

Very Real Help is using some of the same techniques as gaming and other entertainment-based platforms to give users a space to manage mental health issues and connect with a community. Users can log on as anonymous avatars using their phones, computers or VR headsets to attend group sessions and learn tools for coping.

WearWorks is a company using haptics to help people communicate information through touch. With the first product, Wayband, users can navigate through physical spaces using vibrations on their wrist. A blind user ran the New York City marathon without sighted assistance using the Wayband.

 Whether is a data platform that helps businesses proactively mitigate and respond to extreme weather impacts. Businesses who may have an impacted supply chain issue or experience damage to their facilities can get real-time insights. The company is primarily focused on electrical utilities, agricultural businesses, logistics and insurance companies to start.

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