Cerebral Palsy is the most common motor disability amongst children

Andiamo - Reimagining Cerebral Palsy

Andiamo is a fast-growing digital health company that delivers a digital clinic solution for families that includes telemedicine consultations with pediatric rehabilitation specialists, Remote patient monitoring to collect measurable outcome data leading to the fitting of a personalized brace that dramatically improves outcomes for children with Cerebral Palsy.

Families use our platform to participate in virtual individual therapy with pediatric physiatrists and pediatric therapists. Families receive an Andiamo 3D printed personalized brace that improves stability and confidence backed by clinical research. Over time, this joint therapy-brace approach has increased energy, enhanced total family quality of life, reduced the number of appointments, decreased pain, and removed the dependency on costly surgery, injections, and medications.

The total medical reimbursement costs for Cerebral Palsy in the US alone are over $58Bn per year, with Andiamo building the engine that will power conditions within the fast-growing global trillion-dollar disability market.

Diamo Parvez (2003-2012)

Naveed and Samiya’s journey started when Diamo was born in 2003. He had a difficult birth, due to medical negligence, which led to cerebral palsy. Sadly, they lost him unexpectedly in 2012 at the age of 9.

Diamo was diagnosed as having severe developmental delay, he was quadriplegic and had very little head control.  He needed extensive treatment to help him with basic functions such as eating, sitting and looking around, which included him having a multitude of orthotics, braces and gators; DAFOs, hand splints, spinal braces and compression garments.

They were often surprised and frustrated that there was little evidence or data on their son’s conditions and clinicians often found it difficult to explain how Diamo may develop over time. The constant clinic appointments, disjointed care, therapy, castings and fittings caused him and the family great distress and anxiety.

This is why we deeply understand that it is the entire family lives with Cerebral Palsy and by focussing on the family’s experience that we can radically reimagine what is possible.

Our Leadership Team


Naveed Parvez

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Hugely inspirational business leader who has Built multiple $m health services. A True visionary technologist who lives to disrupt. Responsible for big vision, setting technology strategy and investor relations. Rarely seen without a Hat.


Hugh Sheridan

Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer

20yrs market experience building fast growth rehab businesses, winning multi $m deals in multiple startups on 5 continents. Responsible for Commercial Strategy, Growth and Strategic Partnerships. Spends a lot of time on a plane and might be called the Gooseberry.


Samiya Parvez

Co-Founder & Chief Family Experience Officer

A passionate family experience expert who Advised the largest domiciliary care contract in UK and was included in the Top 20 Female Entrepreneurs of 2020. Responsible for the Family Coaches, Clinical Treatment Team and family smiles. Holidays on Necker Island and defnitely the calming force.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the experiences of families living with Cerebral Palsy and maximise the potential of both clinicians and their families.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create family focused Treatment Systems using world-class AI technology and innovation. We will design healthcare experiences that drive positive change.

Our Values

We believe in families first. We will never cut corners. We obsessively focus on getting it right first time. We lead by example and through inspiration.

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