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Dylan’s Story – They don’t give me blisters

As a 13 year-old with Cerebral Palsy, Dylan had undergone multiple surgeries to help correct pronation and release spasticity causing severe tightness. But although he needed his braces for everyday mobility, it was the one thing no one could ever get right.

Dylan and his mum tried lots of different options in an effort to get the braces he needed. Something that was durable yet light and comfortable. He’d been through more than 20 pairs of braces – none of them fitted properly and all of them caused weeks of painful welts and blisters.

The best ones ever



Finding their Andiamo Certified Clinician changed all of that. Dylan was able to get the treatment he needed in one fitting – durable with reinforced areas yet lightweight and thin so he could wear regular shoes rather than four sizes up.

For him, the he best part was not having to break them in and endure weeks of blisters. They were the perfect fit and as far as Dylan and his mum are concerned, will be the only treatment they will be  going back for when he eventually needs a new pair.

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