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Harry’s Story – He never moans about wearing them

After years of getting poorly fitted braces, Harry’s mum was losing hope of ever finding braces that didn’t cause him pain. They would pinch, rub and leave terrible marks on his skin, making Harry miserable with the constant discomfort.

Although they tried to find alternatives by switching to different clinicians, they kept coming across the same problems every time. It was like the process hadn’t changed in years and no one was questioning it – despite it never seeming to work.

A new approach that works

Harry Happy

It was only when Harry’s mum found out about Andiamo that things changed for the better. Their Andiamo Certified Clinician took a different approach, which not only meant the process was easier, faster and more comfortable for Harry, but the outcome was like nothing they’d ever experienced before.     

After just one fitting, Harry’s braces were the best he’d ever had. They fitted him like a glove without leaving any painful marks on his skin. Now Harry gets on with his day, wearing his braces without any hassle. He even looks forward to the next time he visits the clinic for a new pair.

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