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Jack’s Story - “I pick up my little brother from school and walk home with him”

When Jack’s braces kept giving him painful blisters and sores, he and his mum started exploring other options. Rather than accepting the next best option of large, heavy orthopaedic shoes, they asked if Andiamo could work for them.


As an aspiring Paralympic wheelchair racer with Cerebral Palsy, Jack wanted much lighter braces he could wear with regular shoes or sneakers. He was already practising walking with aids, but he knew with the right treatment he was capable of so much more. 

No more ‘breaking in’ blisters

With the help of their Andiamo Certified Clinician, Jack’s new Andiamo treatment  fitted perfectly. Being much thinner and lighter meant Jack could stay on his feet for longer without tiring. His gait also improved and he didn’t need his crutches as much. All while wearing his favourite sneakers.

Now, Jack doesn’t use his wheelchair and walks everywhere at school. At the end of the day, he even picks up his little brother and they walk home together.

Video: Jack & Andiamo (03:20) “Now, I don’t know what my limits are”

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