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Mimi’s Story – I love doing ballet dancing

At 2 years old, Mimi was diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumour called pilomyxoid astrocytoma (PMA). With the help of her family, she is now recovering from the condition. But it’s left her with a degree of hemiplegia, causing muscle weakness on one side of her body. 

Mimi’s family reached out to their nearest Andiamo Certified Clinician to see if they could help. As well as giving Mimi the chance to step out of her wheelchair, they wanted to make sure whatever treatment she had was comfortable for her.


Their clinician prescribed and fitted an Andiamo treatment for Mimi, giving her the stability she needs to walk. One fitting is all it took to get it right, so there were no revisits or long waiting times to get her treatment in place. She even got to pick her favourite color, pink.


This simple solution has helped change Mimi’s life for the better. So much so, she now walks to school and back one day a week. And has even been able to get back to ballet dancing.

Video: My Fitting Appointment (02:54) “I Love it"

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