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Paige’s Story - It Fits like a dream

Being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy hasn’t stopped Paige from setting out to be a Para-lympian wheelchair racer.  

But instead of helping her achieve her goals, her AFOs were getting in the way. And she was fed up.

For more than 20 years, Paige was getting braces from the NHS. Without them, she couldn’t walk without holding onto the walls for stability for fear of falling. But time after time she’d be fitted for her braces, wait weeks for them to arrive, only to find they didn’t fit. In an 18 month period, she had seven braces and none of them were right.

The first time they fitted


With every failed attempt to get the support she needed daily, Paige grew more disheartened believing there was no alternative. Until she discovered Andiamo. Since reaching out to an Andiamo Certified Clinician, she hasn’t looked back. 

Rather than having gaps down the side and around the heel and the shape not fitting at all, her brace fitted perfectly. And it only took one fitting. Now, Paige can walk taller and more confidently without any aids.  

“I came out of the Andiamo appointment feeling more able… I am walking better already and I certainly feel taller when standing.”

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