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Rachel’s Story – It has made a big difference to my life

With Cerebral Palsy affecting the left side of her body, Rachel has been wearing braces since the age of six. They are meant to support her everyday mobility by improving her gait and level out her leg length discrepancy. But in her experience very few, if any, were designed to do it well.

At about 15 years old, she was excited to get fitted with a carbon fibre brace that seemed to do the job. Although it took a few times to get right, it worked. But when it broke, it took a long time to get a replacement that wasn’t nearly as good. It was thick, uncomfortable and impossible to wear for long periods of time.

My stride length is longer

When Rachel heard about the initial trials for the new Andiamo 3D printed treatment, she jumped at the chance to get involved. One of the main differences was the way the clinician measured, which meant it not only fitted her perfectly but actually supported her walking as it should. She’s since found her braces make walking more fluid and effortless – she can walk with longer strides without tiring as fast.

IMG_20190806_114842 (1)

“It has made a big difference to my life and I'm so excited now to get on with my life and be more active.”

Video: My life with Braces (06:03) & Just One Hand (00:28)

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