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Tom's Story - I feel more independent

Rather than helping Tom live a fuller life, his ankle brace was stopping him from doing even the simplest things. It was painful, cumbersome and didn’t fit into regular shoes. So he and his mum looked to Andiamo for an alternative. 

Tom wanted a brace that was easy to put on and take off without help, so he could be on time for the school bus nd sit on the floor for school assembly with his friends. He also wanted to be able to play sports with his dad without wearing huge ‘clown shoes’ to accommodate the brace.

Treatment now helps not hinders 

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Within one month of having his Andiamo treatment, Tom was doing everything he wanted and so much more. He no longer relied on his parents or teachers to help take his brace  on and off. He could take care of it himself.

He was not only ready for the school bus, sitting at assembly, and playing sports in proper trainers, he was walking across the O2 Dome in London. 

And just after receiving his most recent Andiamo treatment, he completed the Duke of Edinburgh Award by walking 20 miles in two days. 

Video: They Fit Perfectly  (03:34) & I Defnitely Move a Lot Quicker (02:19)

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